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WATER is an essential need all over the world. FLOWELL PUMP INDUSTRIES, HYDERABAD, AP INDIA Offers a wide range of pumping solutions to lift the water from deepest levels.

Started in 1987, the unit has all modern manufacturing fecilities, a stringent quality assurance system, a strong R&D and efficient technical knowhow to ensure the customer an energy efficient product. It stood among the two or three best companies in INDIA on quality levels.

The company is registered to ISO9001-2008 QMS by TUV SUD SOUTH ASIA. The Flowell brand submersible pump sets are covered under BIS Certification of marking licence as per IS: 8034-2002 and energy efficiency star labeling by BEE, INDIA.

Quality Policy

FPI is committed to manufacture and supply quality submersible pump sets, with increased value for customers money ensuring timely delivery and prompt service, with its long standing presence in the market, complying with all the requirements, aiming continual improvement with the participation of all employees.

Affordable Prices:

FPI Committed to manufacture and supply quality submersible pump sets at affordable prices, Backed by a very efficient team of professionals with distinguished experience in Pump industry techniques and practices we are focused on delivering high-end quality products.

5 Keys to Sales Success in Industry

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Risk Takers
Building a business will not allow you to take a back seat to opportunity. Building a successful business requires that you step out in faith and embrace risk, better yet, calculated risk. It is all about taking the risk and reaping the reward.
Successful real estate agents pick themselves up and dust off the fear, anxiety and self-loathing that may have seeped in from yesterday events. They look rejection straight in the eye and roar into the day that can and will be. Successful agents are resolute in what their vision of tomorrow should look like. They are bold, brash and indifferent to the small voice in their head telling them to let it go, pack it up and move on.
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